Program Goals

Our goal is to meet the individual needs of each child in the following areas:

1.   Social, Emotional, Physical, Cognitive and Language Development.   Socially, the  children will be given the opportunity  to interact with peers and adults.  Each child will  be encouraged to develop good social behavior and  to respect other individuals.    

2.   Emotionally, the children will develop a positive self-image.  Each child will learn in an atmosphere that will be conducive to his or her own individual creativity and self-expression.   

3.  Physically, the children strengthen and reinforce their fine and gross motor skills.     

4.  Cognitively, the children will acquire readiness skills  through touching, tasting, hearing, smelling, and looking at the world in new and interesting ways.     

5.  Language: the development of language skills parallels the development of thought processes.   The child thinks in words, which enables her to conceptualize relationships and use reasoning in thinking.   Preschool age children are in the process  of becoming adept at using language, and need ample opportunities to practice and expand their word experiences.  By selecting and rejecting words for use in certain contexts, the child gains skill in speaking and consequently she finds logical thought easier.    

6.  Mathematics:  We use a developmental approach to incorporate math into a variety of activities weekly.  Children learn math vocabulary, counting, sorting, classifying and measuring through  the use of manipulative.     

7.  Social Studies: The focus in this area is on family, neighborhoods, addresses, and community workers. 

8.  Science: We use hands-on objects to learn about the world around us, including plants, foods, magnets and curriculum-related experiments.       

9.  Art & Music: These activities are all directed to develop fine and gross motor skills and to enhance innate creativity. We also include programs that instruct in health and safety issues.