Tracey Murphy said:
The preschool program offered at Bearly Beginning is an exceptional experience that all young children should have the opportunity to be a part of.  As a parent of 4 children and a licensed educational psychologist, my standards for a high quality program were quite high.  I have been a Bearly Beginning parent for 6 years and have sent 3 of my children to Miss Kathy and Miss Paula..  Like all children, mine have different styles with varying strengths and needs;  Miss Kathy and Miss Paula truly focus on the individual needs of each and every child in their school.  I cannot say enough about their willingness to work closely with parents on all aspects of development.  The atmosphere is warm, caring, and vibrant; a place you want your child to be!  The commitment Miss Kathy and Miss Paula make to their students and the Bearly Beginning families is like no other.  Each of my children were highly prepared to move on to kindergarten, socially and academically.  I am looking forward to sending our 4th child to Bearly Beginning and watching him thrive in the rich social, emotional, and academic program they provide!

Catherine and Darryl Luce said:

Both of our daughters attended Bearly Beginning in first the 2 day and then 3 day programs. They loved it! They looked forward to going to 'school' to play with their friends and to visit with Miss Kathy. As parents, we truly believe that Bearly Beginning gave our girls the best opportunity to grow, learn and play in a kind, caring, compassionate - yet very fun environment. They are now 18 and 21 years old and still look forward to visiting with Miss Kathy when they can. Thank you Bearly Beginning!  

Heather and Jamie Cunningham said:

 We cannot say enough great things about Bearly Beginnings. Finn loves going to school and is learning so much and making so many new friends. As an educator I could not be more impressed with your instructional program and professionalism. Thank you Miss Paula and Miss Kathy :)  

Lisa Scollins said:

 My family has had a wonderful experience at Bearly Beginning. We have been with Bearly Beginning for 5 years during which my two children have completed the program. The teachers have years of experience and knowledge and lay the groundwork necessary for children to succeed in kindergarten. I was amazed as I watched my children become more independent and thrive in a learning environment. I appreciated the open lines of communication with the staff and the guidance that was offered through their caring nature. Bearly Beginning offers a structured environment where the children learn what is expected of them and they burst with pride and excitement with the responsibility that is given to them. I will miss you Miss Kathy and Miss Paula,Thank you for everything!